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Doing business in the US

The US is the biggest market in the West and a focus for many non-US businesses looking to expand internationally. Although there are often tax treaties (such as the US-UK Double Tax Treaty) to help smooth the way, there are still practical and technical differences between the jurisdictions to consider.

The requirement to comply with both Federal and state taxes is one major hurdle of doing business in the US. Even when you have chosen a suitable location within the US, you will need to consider and comply with the tax rules of the other 49 US states if your customers or clients are not located within the same state. Even if you are intending only to test the US market before making a bigger commitment, there will still be US importing and compliance rules to consider.

We offer a comprehensive suite of accounting and tax advisory services for UK businesses looking to expand into the US, and working closely with your other professional advisers, we can help you to manage your combined worldwide tax rate, taking advantage of tax treaty provisions as you enter the US market, and over the long-term.

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Doing Business in the US