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Two Wheels For Life

Frank Hirth has chosen to partner with Two Wheels For Life, a charity that saves lives in Sub-Saharan Africa by ensuring that essential healthcare reaches even the poorest and most remote regions.

Two Wheels for Life’s vision is of a world in which healthcare can reach everyone, everywhere. They fund programmes in hard-to-reach areas of Sub Saharan Africa where roads are impossibly poor, and where there is no existing infrastructure for vehicle maintenance.

Without reliable transport health workers cannot deliver vaccines or care for mothers and newborns and it is impossible to provide rapid diagnosis of test results which is essential in cases of HIV/AIDS, TB, Malaria and disease outbreaks such as Ebola.

The programmes Two Wheels for Life supports focus on the practical issue of transport maintenance, something that is key to the success of any healthcare programme in this part of the world but which is almost always completely overlooked.

In areas where Two Wheels for Life’s programmes operate, primary health care can reach even the most remote places.

A mobilised health worker with a vehicle can see nearly six times more people than a health worker on foot.

Average turnaround time for diagnosis is cut in half for diseases like HIV, AIDS,TB and epidemics like Ebola, when reliable transport systems are used.

In sub-Saharan African 1 in 36 women die from maternal complications.

The programmes Two Wheels support consistently reduce maternal and child mortality.

The work of Two Wheels for Life appeals to us at Frank Hirth because of our international focus and because we understand that practical solutions are vital for success in business and in healthcare.

To find out more visit twowheelsforlife.org.uk/about-us  

Two Wheels for Life is a UK registered charity. Registered Charity No. 1169942

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