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Latest News - Estate Tax

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US and UK Year End Planning 2018: Ownership of Assets and Gift and Estate Planning

Private Clients - 29 Nov 2018

Gifts from US citizens/residents to others have annual exempt limits which you may wish to use before the year is over, subject to your overall integrated…

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Top 5 Series

Business Tax - 25 Nov 2018
Welcome to our Top 5 series - where our Directors cover the key questions surrounding current topics and highlight the main things our clients need to…
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Estate and gift tax exclusion – potential clawback addressed in new proposed regulations

Private Clients - 23 Nov 2018
As part of US tax reform (known as Tax Cuts and Jobs Act - TCJA) the estate and gift tax exemption for US domiciled taxpayers was doubled from a base amount…
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Recent reporting changes for US disregarded entities

Business Tax - 31 Oct 2018
A reminder that several US entities who were not previously subject to reporting do now have an annual reporting requirement owing to the recent changes…
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Domicile – More than just the place you call home

Private Clients - 12 Jul 2018
Understanding Domicile Following the changes to the UK deemed domicile provisions, which took effect from 6 April 2017, it is becoming increasingly important…
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Finance Bill 2019: Proposed tax changes

Private Clients - 11 Jul 2018
The draft Finance Bill 2019 was published last Friday (6 July) together with consultations on some of the proposed changes which will run until 31 August.…
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US Tax Considerations for Non-US persons

Trust, Estate and Family - 10 May 2018
Given the global nature of the US tax system, and the attraction of the US for worldwide investors, we have been exploring new markets and jurisdictions…
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US Tax Reform: Estate and Gift Tax update

Trust, Estate and Family - 06 Feb 2018
Following President Trump’s signing of the Federal tax bill on 22 December 2017, the effective lifetime Estate and Gift Tax exemption for US citizens…
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Everything you need to know about inheritance tax

Trust, Estate and Family - 02 Nov 2017
If your estate has a value that would lead it to incur inheritance tax, then this tax should be accounted for as you draw up your will. As the payable…
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