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Latest News - Overseas Companies

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US tax reform - spotlight on divorce and separation one year on

Trust, Estate and Family - 21 Jan 2019

In February 2018 shortly after the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act was passed, we wrote about a major policy shift regarding the US federal tax rules affecting spousal…

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Recent reporting changes for US disregarded entities

Business Tax - 31 Oct 2018
A reminder that several US entities who were not previously subject to reporting do now have an annual reporting requirement owing to the recent changes…
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Impact of US Tax Reform

Private Clients - 30 Apr 2018
With over 15 years’ experience assisting US individuals to navigate the complexities of the US and UK tax legislation, James Murray is currently…
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Are you an individual with an interest in a non-US company?

Private Clients - 12 Mar 2018
Much has been written of the headline grabbing reduction in the US corporate tax rate from a previous high of 35% to a more globally competitive 21%. In…
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Are you an owner of a US disregarded entity? - If so, new reporting potentially now applies

Business Tax - 10 Jan 2018
This is a reminder that the IRS now require the annual filing of Form 5472 in respect of disregarded U.S. entities (such as US LLC's) which are wholly-owned…
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Moving your business to the UK

Business Tax - 10 Jul 2017
If you are considering shifting the operations of your business to the UK, you would be following in the path of many other firms. In fact, the UK leads…
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New reporting requirements for non-American owners of LLCs

Business Tax - 02 Jun 2017
Despite the IRS’s attitude to disclosure of foreign assets by US citizens and the arguably heavy handed approach applied by the Foreign Account Tax…
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Form 1099-MISC 2016

Business Tax - 11 Jan 2017
If, during the calendar year, you hired U.S. contractors while running your U.S. trade or business, you may need to issue them a Form 1099-MISC. Form 1099-MISC…
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Business Investment Relief Reform

Business Tax - 09 Dec 2016
First introduced in 2012, Business Investment Relief (BIR) is designed to stimulate overseas investment in UK business by allowing foreign domiciles to…
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