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US tax reform - spotlight on divorce and separation one year on

Trust, Estate and Family - 21 Jan 2019

In February 2018 shortly after the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act was passed, we wrote about a major policy shift regarding the US federal tax rules affecting spousal…

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US and UK Year End Planning 2018

Business Tax - 29 Nov 2018
Whilst tax planning is not only to be considered leading up to year-end, it is often a perfect time to review your tax affairs and ensure they are in order…
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Top 5 Series

Business Tax - 25 Nov 2018
Welcome to our Top 5 series - where our Directors cover the key questions surrounding current topics and highlight the main things our clients need to…
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US Tax Year End Planning Opportunities: Foreign Trusts

Trust, Estate and Family - 21 Nov 2018
In this presentation, our Trust and Estate team covers the main planning opportunities to be considered by the trustees of Foreign Trusts that are connected…
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IRS loses important test on FBAR Penalty

Private Clients - 09 Aug 2018
Since 2004, the IRS has had the statutory authority in cases where a U.S. person willfully fails to disclose balances held in foreign bank or financial…
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Will indexation relief be introduced for calculating US capital gains?

Private Clients - 01 Aug 2018
Where, as in the U.S., the measure of capital gain is the excess of proceeds over original cost, a taxpayer can legitimately argue that he is being taxed…
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Cross-border complexities

Trust, Estate and Family - 26 Jul 2018
David Foster, Private Client Tax Associate Director at Frank Hirth and Graeme Fraser, Partner at OGR Stock Denton LLP highlight the impact of future rule…
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US Tax Considerations for Non-US persons

Trust, Estate and Family - 10 May 2018
Given the global nature of the US tax system, and the attraction of the US for worldwide investors, we have been exploring new markets and jurisdictions…
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US Tax Reform: Spotlight on divorce and separation

Private Clients - 13 Feb 2018
In a major policy shift, the US federal tax rules affecting spousal maintenance payments agreed in a financial settlement on divorce or formal separation…
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