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Latest News - US Tax

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Investments in Qualified Opportunity Zones offer Significant U.S. and Potential State Tax Savings

Business Tax - 24 Aug 2018
A new Federal program, which did not get much attention early on, was created with the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act signed into law on December 22nd, 2017.…
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Update: A lesson learned – The importance of a valid will

Private Clients - 23 Aug 2018
The sad death of a music icon has further highlighted the need to plan for your succession. Despite having significant wealth, a diverse asset base and,…
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IRS loses important test on FBAR Penalty

Private Clients - 09 Aug 2018
Since 2004, the IRS has had the statutory authority in cases where a U.S. person willfully fails to disclose balances held in foreign bank or financial…
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Will indexation relief be introduced for calculating US capital gains?

Private Clients - 01 Aug 2018
Where, as in the U.S., the measure of capital gain is the excess of proceeds over original cost, a taxpayer can legitimately argue that he is being taxed…
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Cross-border complexities

Trust, Estate and Family - 26 Jul 2018
David Foster, Private Client Tax Associate Director at Frank Hirth and Graeme Fraser, Partner at OGR Stock Denton LLP highlight the impact of future rule…
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IRS offers filing and penalty relief to individuals subject to the new ‘transition tax’

Business Tax - 12 Jun 2018
Individual US shareholders owning 10% or more of a controlled foreign corporation are subject to a special tax charged on undistributed accumulated earnings…
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Marrying an ‘Alien’ – A Royal Problem

Private Clients - 05 Jun 2018
The phrase ‘Alien’ probably doesn’t feature in the top 10 pet names used by newlyweds. But as Prince Harry will find out, it’s…
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U.S. Tax Reform — The Slow-Motion Train Wreck Gathers Momentum

Business Tax - 15 May 2018
Frustrated after nearly a year of legislative impotence and threatened with the imminent loss of campaign contributions if promised tax cuts were not delivered…
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