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Tailored video training for Corporate Trustees

Trust, Estate and Family - 05 Feb 2018

Does your team work with clients that are in some way connected to the US? If so, the US federal tax implications will be an important consideration.

Frank Hirth PLC are delighted to announce the launch of our tailored live video conference training sessions for non-US trustees.

The sessions will focus on:

  • The impact of the December 2017 US tax reform for non-US trusts, and some of the pitfalls and planning that it brings covering both the intended and unintended consequences;
  • Additional compliance requirements for 2017, including the introduction of Form 5472 for disregarded US entities;
  • General update on tax considerations for US connected trusts, whether that connection be through the settlor, beneficiaries or location of assets; and
  • A general Q&A on US tax matters that are relevant to your clients.

These complimentary training sessions will run for approximately one and a half hours, so would be ideal for a lunch or breakfast slot.

If you think your team would benefit from this bespoke training, we would be delighted to arrange a convenient time for February or March 2018.  Please contact Michaela Sweeney at michaela.sweeney@frankhirth.com or on +44 20 7833 3500 to arrange a time or to find out more.

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