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US and UK Year End Planning 2018

Business Tax - 29 Nov 2018

Whilst tax planning is not only to be considered leading up to year-end, it is often a perfect time to review your tax affairs and ensure they are in order and optimised where appropriate. With the end of the US 2018 calendar year only weeks away, and the end of the UK 2018/19 fiscal year not far behind, we have summarised several broad planning ideas relevant for individuals needing to consider both US and UK tax rules. We recommend taxpayers having to deal with the complexity of two or more tax jurisdictions, i.e. US taxpayers living overseas, to take specific advice on the items raised below as there is no one size fits all approach. For US individuals with interests in foreign corporation the changes introduced as part of the ‘tax reform’ process mean that there is an even greater level of complexity to consider.

  1. Accelerating payment of non-US taxes
  2. UK taxes interaction (only relevant if you pay UK income taxes)
  3. Capital gains and losses
  4. Impact of US tax reforms
  5. Residency
  6. Ownership of Assets and Gift and Estate Planning


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