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US Tax Services

Our US and UK specialist tax teams are known for their professionalism, technical excellence and exceptional client service. In recent years tax legislation around the world has become increasingly complicated and our tax experts are well equipped to handle the growing complexities of these changing tax rules. With clients ranging from multinational corporations and funds, to private individuals and owner managed businesses, our team of specialists have the knowledge and skills required to provide bespoke tax advice tailored for your requirements.

Whether you are setting up a trust, moving to the US, or buying a property in the US, our team can deliver a high level of tax support by providing customised tax advice on the potential impact on your business, your investments and your financial affairs.

Private clients

Are you a non-US individual with US ties such as a business, or a real estate owner concerned with the recent tax reform changes, or a professional looking to move to the US? Are you considering giving up your US citizenship or Green Card, or do you need helping bring your US taxes up-to-date? We can help.

Business/Corporate tax

As the US and UK corporate tax landscapes continue on a course of dramatic change, we use our industry knowledge, and focus on value creation to assist with the unique challenges faced by your business. Whether you are an entrepreneur, UK business owner looking to expand into the US, a private equity or hedge fund looking for a tailored approach for your structuring, a financial institution needed advice on FACTA, CRS, our tax experts can help you mitigate risks and grow your business. 

Trust, Estate and Family

Succession planning can be a sensitive matter and has been complicated further by the numerous changes to UK inheritance tax (IHT) in recent years. Estate tax planning, Matrimonial tax planning as well moving to the US or UK can create a maze of international tax issues to navigate. Fortunately, our experienced tax specialists can help guide you through this complexity in a clear and concise manner. Our goal is to work with you to plan ahead and provide you with a full compliance service to ensure you build a strong foundation on which to develop an efficient long-term tax position.

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