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Moving to the US or UK

The US and UK are popular relocation destinations, whether for education, employment, expanding a business or for retirement. It is an exciting decision, but there will be much to consider before you move, from entering the UK under appropriate emigration rules to where to live when you get there.

Tax should also be one of the priority areas to consider before you move. The UK and the US have different tax systems, and whether your relocation is temporary or permanent, the complex tax rules in both countries that you will be obligated to comply with can create unexpected and sometimes costly penalties for the unwary and ill informed.

Frank Hirth tax professionals can help you to plan ahead, taking into account your current situation and future plans, making sure that you have a strong foundation on which to develop an efficient longer-term tax position that considers the tax frameworks of both countries.

If you are a beneficiary of a trust or estate, a change in your tax jurisdiction can have a significant effect on the tax exposure facing you and the trust or estate.

In this situation, we will work with you to consider vital tax planning issues, such as the timing and level of distributions, the tax treatment of investment strategies, and the effectiveness of underlying structures.

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Moving to the US or UK